Here is a short video of what you can get. You can also check out our YouTube channel for more videos of some of our instructors and classes.



Text today to 562-340-5285 and register for a series to learn Bachata and Salsa! The series starts Nov 16th t and lasts 6 weeks!

(starting from zero, no experience or partner required)

Other dances styles are available for privates only. Text us for more info.

Dance Classes

Want to go out and have fun dancing in a social environment? Learn the language of dance to communicate in the dance floor and dance with anybody wherever you go. We offer dance classes that show you the structure of music, body movement, and the partner connection that is essential to make your dance smooth and fun.

Do you want to learn to dance and put on some shows for your family and friends? Or do you want to learn to dance and compete at a professional level? You can do both with the Ballroom series.

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Social Dance Practice

You've taken some dance classes and need a place to practice your cool moves. We offer several social dance practice sessions for you to improve those dance skills that you've been learning. This is as equally important as taking classes. Practice, practice, practice, and do it in a friendly environment.

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Ever heard that stretching is good? Join us for yoga and get your muscles ready for any dance activity.

Do you want to get an aerobic  workout while you dance? You can also join us for Dance Fitness or African body movement classes.

These classes can also improve you body movement, which will be great for social dancing.

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Dance is a way of life

We are Luiz and Ignacia and we love to dance. We know it's important to keep doing what you love and not let life events stop you from your dreams. Having kids has changed the way we live but we have realized since the beginning of our relationship that we don't want to stop dancing because we are building a family.

So our goal is to build a dance studio where everybody is welcome: single, married, and people with children. And we did this for the 3+ years that we were open before Covid-19 came along. We made the studio kid-friendly so that other parents who have stopped dancing because they are building a family can continue and come back to dancing. We believe dance is a healthy and safe environment for families.

However, we have closed down the location where we once made this dream a reality. We will open slowly in temporary locations near us. We'll work with local restaurants and venues to slowly build our community again while helping other businesses grow in our area.

Come and join us, have fun and get some exercise at the same time.