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We bring you a team of local talent in the Inland Empire to teach dance and other classes that benefit dancers.

 Abraham & MichelleCristian Gonzalez | Edenia Archuleta | Jessica Kahey | Luiz & Ignacia

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Luiz Ignacia Clear

Luiz & Ignacia

Founders of DSC Studio & Dance Instructors

Luis & Ignacia were born in Mexico and have danced Latin music their entire life. They have great musicality and are natural dancers that enjoy diversity in music. They dance and teach Latin and African rhythms, including salsa, bachata, chacha, cumbia, merengue, tarraxinha, semba, kizomba, and urban kiz. They fell in love with Kizomba and immersed themselves in it. They are members of Inland Empire (IE) Kizomba Nation, which was formed in 2012 to bring Kizomba into the Riverside and San Bernardino counties. But they have also been teaching and spreading Kizomba all over California, and have been spreading to Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. They focus their classes on musicality and partner connection. They are also welcoming and some of the friendliest social dancers. They created Dance Soul Connection (DSC) Studio to bring more dance and happiness to the Inland Empire.

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Edenia Archuleta

Dance Instructor

The original West Coast Fusion Bellydancer/Popper, Edenia is known far and wide for her completely unique style. Though Popping was Edenia’s first love, which she began mastering in Junior High, in 2006 she was entranced by her first Rachel Brice video and immediately became addicted to Fusion Bellydance as well. She promptly began studying Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Zahreen, to whom she is eternally grateful. Edenia is nothing less than a creature of hard work and dedication and continues to learn and evolve in Bellydance as well as in Popping. She continues to study with many teachers, near and far, and prides herself in pushing to new physical limits daily.Traveling all over the world, she teaches workshops and performs and can be seen on music videos as well as recent Television. Edenia has even toured with the popular Belly Dance Super Stars (BDSS) to Japan in 2011. Likewise, you can often find her as a highlighted performer and instructor at the most popular Events. Edenia insists, however, that she loves all styles of dance and says that every dancer out there is an inspiration to her. And it is through her passion that she attributes her growth in life.

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Abraham & Michelle

Salsa/Mambo Instructors

Abraham and Michelle are directors of their dance company Bonito Y Sabroso Dancers and are among the top sought after power salsa couples in Southern California. They have been mentored by Rodrigo Cortazar and Selene Tovar which are among the most sought after salsa artists in the world. Abraham also trained with world renowned Alma Latina from Tijuana and Michelle was a dancer in Prodigy Dance Company from Fresno before moving to Los Angeles to further purse her dance career. Abraham and Michelle are known for their creative teaching techniques which enable them to teach proficiently to dancers of all levels. They like to immerse their students in everything from the culture having dedicated classes for musicality, Body Movement, social dance etiquette, salsa music and dance history, leading and following technique, footwork, and more.

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Jessica Kahey

Yoga Instructor

Jessica  Kahey has practiced yoga for 10 years. She has focused on the following styles: Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Kundalini and Bikram (hot) yoga. She is very active and practices yoga 4-5 times a week. She is certified with Yoga Alliance, and also has a separate certification for Yin. As a dancer, she loves yoga because it improves every day life. However, she believes yoga is for everyone, not just athletes and dancers and anyone can benefit from it.

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Cristian Gonzalez

Bachata Instructor

Cristian was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and danced Latin music his entire life. Then in 2011, he came to the United States and met Luiz and a friend who invited him to watch a bachata class at Steven's Steakhouse. After that he fell in love with bachata and learned the basics on the first night by observing. He started going to bachata events everyday to dance.

In 2012, Luiz and Ignacia taught him about kizomba. A few years later he attended the Afro-Latin Las Vegas Festival (includes bachata & kizomba) where he met and took classes with Nino Acosta, Pipo Alcala, Samy El Magico, Carlos Cinta, and Edwin Ferreras. They made him fall in love with the music and style of traditional bachata. He also took classes with Juan Mejia, Adam Taub, Isolde, Carlos Gomez, and Susan De Beras. This inspired him to focus on sharing the style, culture, and feeling of traditional bachata with others.

To share the full experience, Cristian went to the Dominican Republic to immerse himself in the culture of traditional bachata. He also spent time in the Dominican Republic developing his own natural style of dance while staying true to the roots of traditional bachata.

His classes focus on the basics of traditional bachata, the feeling of the music, patterns, footwork, and partner work, all while building a community feeling.

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Note: All the instructors are independent contractors and Dance Soul  Connection Studio is not responsible  for the content of their classes or their behavior.


Our Approach

We are Luiz and Ignacia and we love to dance. We know it's important to keep doing what you love and not let life events stop you from your dreams. Having kids has changed the way we live but we have realized since the beginning of our relationship that we don't want to stop dancing because we are building a family.

So our goal is to build a dance studio where everybody is welcome: single, married, and people with children. We made the studio kid-friendly so that other parents who have stopped dancing because they are building a family can continue and come back to dancing. We believe dance is a healthy and safe environment for families. Come and join us, have fun and get some exercise at the same time.

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Our Story

Dance has been part of our Latin culture  growing up. So we started dancing salsa  and bachata in the Inland Empire  and LA areas to have  fun, and meet people to socialize.  We would attend festivals  and dance  for days at a time.  We then saw the emergence  of kizomba  (African  dance) and the rest of the  dances under that umbrella. Our friends and people always asked us to teach and create dance teams because they liked how we danced, so we started  teaching and found we actually  liked it. A group of us created Inland Empire (IE) Kizomba Nation to spread  kizomba, and now we are expanding to provide  more dance classes and events and help other local talent do the same, including social Latin dances.

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